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Sean & Jennifer Myers ~ Cherry Hill Village, Colorado

Sean and Jennifer have been with The Juice Plus Company for over 25 years.  They started their business with the water filters and haven’t looked back!  They are both members of the 100 club, have been nominated for 4 Elton Awards and were honored to win the inaugural Elton Award for the largest growth in sales and income by a 39 Club member.  In 2011, they were awarded the prestigious Founders Award.


Sean & Jennifer have trained and inspired tens of thousands of people in many countries.  Not only have they created financial independence, but they have taught and coached thousands of others to do the same.


Their NSA business has created an amazing and adventurous life!  After both reached NMD level, they bought a 43’ sailboat and lived on it for a year, cruising the Virgin Island, Bahamas and Florida Keyes. 


More recently, they spent 15 months on their 50 foot catamaran sailing with their two children, Mikaela and Jake.  Their adventure took them from the Caribbean to Australia. 


Jennifer & Sean live in Denver, Colorado and are so grateful for their Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise and the incredible life it has created for them and their family.

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