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Reagan and Richard Dean ~ Denver, Colorado

When we began our Juice Plus+ journey in 2003, we had no idea what the impact of sharing a great message would have. Not only did our friends and family benefit, but now thousands of people all over the world are getting healthier with Juice Plus+. The power of network marketing allows us to spread hope, love, and tools for achieving optimal nutrition through the efforts of many. One of our favorite sayings is, “Many hands make light work” and “The money and the mission have to get married”. Because of the opportunity to partner with amazing team members, we have been able to not only help others with their health, but have also been blessed with an incredible monthly income stream. 


We own many businesses in addition to our Juice Plus+ franchise, including land development in Colorado and Florida. We love and appreciate our Juice Plus+ income as it provides a safety net around our finances so that we are able to enjoy life to it’s fullest. 


We recently joined the “empty nest” club and moved to the foothills of Denver to enjoy the beautiful mountain air and views of the city. Our son, Christian, graduated from CU Boulder and our daughter, Elle, is a sophomore there. We enjoy travel, skiing, hiking, and getting to do what we want, when we want, where we want, and with who we want, thanks to the freedom we have achieved through Juice Plus+. 

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