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Kim Zinn ~ Littleton, Colorado

Kim is from Massachusetts, and moved to Colorado in 1982. She currently resides in Littleton, Colorado with her husband Troy of 18 years and her 2 children Connor 14 and Mikaela 11. Kim’s background is in retail, the restaurant industry as well as in the business and home security industry.

Kim was introduced to Juice Plus+ by her husband Troy and, at the time, her children were just toddlers. She never dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, but thanks to her super team she reached National Marketing Director in 5 short years and reached the level of 39 Club a few months later. Being able to stay home and raise her children, while having a successful business, has been one of the biggest rewards for her.

Kim loves talking to people of all ages about keeping their health a priority throughout their lives so that they can enjoy all the rewards that come from it in the future. Her Juice Plus+ business just keeps on giving and giving, allowing her the time and the money to give back to people of all ages and communities all over the world.

Owning a business that truly helps people, and one that comes with training, coaching and mentoring has been a dream come true for her. The ongoing experience and growth alone has been priceless. Dreams really do come true, you just have to want it bad enough.

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