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Heather is a National Marketing Director, 39 Club Member, and Wellness Educator with JP+. She has traveled around the country educating people on the importance of good nutrition and maintaining optimum health.

Heather Graduated from Colorado State University with a BS Degree in Recreation Resources Management with emphasis on Commercial Recreation and Tourism. She was a Meeting Planner for CareerTrack Seminars in Boulder and planned and managed seminars for many well known speakers. Later, she met and married her wonderful husband, Chris, and helped run their construction company. After having their first child, Heather became a full time “Stay at Home Mom”.

In October, 2001 Chris and Heather were introduced to JP+. Within three and a half years (and with 3 small children), Heather became a National Marketing Director. She was an Elton Award Nominee for 12 Club Rookie of the Year in 2005. She wants all the moms out there to know that, “if you want to have a career and enjoy your children at the same time, you can! You just need to find balance.” She sees her children as being the reason why she can do this business and keep it growing …not her reason why she can’t. Because of their success, Chris was able to leave his construction company and join Heather full time in their Juice Plus business.

Heather and Chris live in Lone Tree Colorado with their three children (daughter Madison, and sons Colton, and Braydon).

Heather & Chris Allen ~Lone Tree, Colorado

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