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Gen Y


Europe is breaking world records on speed to evey position and club in our Juice Plus Company®.

Learn how you too can change so many lives so fast!


















1. PROSPECTING SPEED! Social media has facilitated a fast prospecting speed!

2. CONVERSION OF CUSTOMER TO DISTRIBUTOR SPEED! Customers are realizing great experiences in a short time, and most often referrals as a result of showcasing the experience in social media, those who decide to become distributors do so very quickly. 80% before 4 months is up!

3. The POWER OF EVENTS! Having events loaded with stories, simple and fun. Anyone can do the presentation and share from their heart.

4. HARD WORK - Working hard and playing hard. Talk to people about your lifestyle transformation with health and wealth, share a video and then invite them to hear about our business. See an example of a simple business presentation below and visit one of the Gen Y Team Rhino websites.















Facebook Tips:

  1. Focus on creating CURIOSITY and stoke conversations (don't mention Juice Plus on social media) - Take fun pictures, share lifestyle and experiences, don't pretend to be an expert, create a FB group focusing on healthy lifestyle, fitness or fun.

  2. Avoid bombarding with JP and don't be bummed if someone says no. It will happen just keep going.

The UK Phenomenon


Juice PLUS+ - Why/

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