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Ellen Lewis ~ Castle Pines, Colorado

Ellen has 3 boys ages 19, 17, and 14. She lives in Castle Pines, CO, just south of Denver, and has been with NSA for 10 years. Her hobbies are anything that gets her outside – hiking, skiing, snow shoeing, and especially biking!

Prior to joining the NSA team, she was an Electrical Engineer and distance cyclist. In fact, she’s woven her Juice Plus+ business into cycling events and health fairs, supporting important causes such as Children’s Hospital, MS, and the Colorado ADHD Connection. People often ask Ellen if she had any prior NWM experience, and she says not only did she not have any, she never even had the desire until she learned about JuicePlus and fell in love with NSA, the company behind JuicePlus. She originally became a JP distributor just to get her product paid for and to make a little extra spending money, but quickly realized it could actually replace her Engineering Income and pay for her boys’ college.

Ellen is passionate about educating everyone she meets about the role whole food nutrition plays in the prevention of disease. Ask her what drives her, and she will tell you that it’s all about helping people to get and stay healthy, and supporting her amazing Juice Plus+ team in realizing their dreams.

“My goal right now is to help everyone on my team grow their business, whether they want to make an extra $500 a month or be a National Marketing Director, because together we can touch so many more lives.”

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