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Ellen Graham ~ Denver, Colorado

Ellen Graham has been with The Juice Plus Company since 2006, becoming a 12 Club member in 2014 and a National Marketing Director in 2015.  She resides in Denver, Colorado with her two sons, Max and Rory who are her strongest why for creating a business with the Virtual Franchise.  


A product of the product, she went into the business because she enjoyed the best health of her life using capsules and shakes. With a background in television production and sales, she found a place where she could turn her work ethic and desire for an extraordinary life into a mission that would effect countless people.  She never tires of helping people get healthy because when people have vitality they can have a far better quality of life and this significantly impacts thousands of families, workplaces and communities. In addition, she sees our business as one of the best models to still capture the American dream where we can create the lifestyle we want but also give back from a generous heart. 


Ellen has used a fun mix of consistent networking, wine and wellness events and social media to create an incredible Juice Plus+ team and a tribe of healthy, happy Juice Plus+ customers.  


In her own life, she loves skiing, yoga, running, pool time, travel, time with friends and creating adventure with her sons.  

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