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Cherlynn is a former elementary school teacher who taught kindergarten in Montana for 5 years before becoming a stay at home mother. She has 3 children ages ranging from 10 years to 23 years old. She has combined her passion for children with her passion for good nutrition in order to educate moms about the connection between nutrition and disease.

Cherlynn joined NSA eight years ago just to off set the cost of her families Juice Plus. She made National Marketing Director in 3 years and is a member of the 39 club. She feels so blessed to be able to work with a company who is committed to improving the quality of life for others. She loves helping other people while having the flexibility to stay home with her own children.

Cherlynn has a real passion for making a difference in the lives of children and believesthat NSA has provided an incredible opportunity to do just that!!!

Cherlynn & Mike Felton ~ Eagle, Colorado

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