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 Action Game - January 19, 2020


How Long?


4 weeks long.  Registration deadline is January 10th at 5:00 pm MST


Please watch the Launch Webinar on this page to learn more!


Points will be totaled weekly:


week 1: January 10 - 25th

week 2: January 26th - Feb 1st

week 3: February 2nd - Feb 8th

week 4: February 9th - Feb 15th



Celebration Call is Wednesday, February 19th at 6:00 pm MT


Cost:  $20 each player

           $70 for NMD's to sweeten the pot


The top 3 teams with the most points wins the pool of money from all teams entered!  The total winnings will depend on the number of people who play the game.  The Top 10 Individual winners will also receive $$$!


Complete activities from the tracker for success. Report your point totals each week to your team captain.


Game Keepers:

Jennifer Myers:

Jan Swartout:





Action Game 2020!


Team Leaders enter points here:

Individual Scores
Team Scores

Team Leaders enter points here:

Team Leaders enter points here:

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